Spag Challenge

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Below i am going to write a short passage but not using any form of spag, for you to rewrite underlining the changes you have made.

Hollie went to the shop. she went to the local bakers. but she cant buy anything because she has no money . She was just about to leave shoving some cakes into her pocket when someone called her name. who is this person? 

Next week i will write you another spag challenge but using your ideas to carry on the story so if you could comment below what next week should about be !


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The Countdown… Story by Kyle

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It’s been 2 years since it all started… Since the countdown began…

In the year 2035 an infection codenamed XHybrid1987 was unleashed. High level aggression was noticed during the experiments and the illness shown mental issues. It turned anyone that was infected into a bloodthirsty savage and it evolved into something the Government never predicted. And soon enough, there was an outbreak. The first was in New Delhi, India. The second in Venice, Italy. The third hit Rio De Janeiro, Brazil like an iron fist. The infection spread…

“Leo, Leo! Wake up! Come on, we’ve got to move! The Scarred are coming!” yelled a familiar voice. Blinded by the beaming, golden ball of fire, Leo could make out the outline of a young woman shaking his damaged shoulder. A few weeks ago, she was surrounded by the Scarred, the name of the infected, until, out of nowhere, Leo appeared. Taking one down, Leo grabbed a Scarred and threw it into a wall. “Watch out behind you!” she had yelled, as a overgrown nail pierced Leo’s left shoulder. After a few more minutes of brawling, the fight was over and with many injuries the two strangers had won. “Were you bit?” she had asked after the fight.

“What do you mean?” Leo replied curiously.

“Don’t you know? If you’re bit… you turn.” she had told him.

“No, but I got a scratch on my shoulder” Leo answered, showing her the cut.

“That should be fine but just in case, you should come to my hideout and use my supplies. After all, you did just save me.” she replied, panting with what could have been her last breaths.

Two weeks later, Leo had healed slightly and had made friends with the stranger who introduced herself as Scarlet. She had asked Leo if he wanted to work together, however Leo wasn’t sure so he told her he would think about it. And as the moon began to fly towards the infinite horizon, he had made his choice…

“I’ve made up my mind…”


It’s up to you guys now. Which should he choose? Leave your answer in the comments!


A: Be a lone wolf and reject the offer

B: Accept her offer and work together

C: Steal her equipment and leave




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Times table quiz

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1. 7×9=

2. 3×10=

3. 5×7=

4. 6×6=

5. 8×2=

6. 0×15=

7. 7×12=

8. 12×12=

9. 11×6=

10. 4×2=



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Revision Rescue 2016

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Well the time has come for us to get our revision into full swing!

Please make use of the blog to post your revision questions or to offer help to other people. If you are a whizz at explaining how to remember square and prime numbers, or a SPAG master, then please offer some revision notes for other members of the class to use.

Happy Blogging,


Mr K keep-calm-and-go-for-it-year-six-1

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